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Porcelain Tiles & Ceramic Tiles

We are manufacturer and suppliers of decorative porcelain tiles in UK, USA, Italy, Spain, China and India at affordable cost price, having grey, wood, white, blue, red, cream, ivory, pink, morfil, black and full color wall tiles, floor tiles range for bathroom tile and kitchen tile.

Porcelain tiles vs. Ceramic tiles war can be put to rest by giving proper information about the two. The difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles is that ceramic tiles are the originator of porcelain tiles. Yes! Porcelain tiles are a form of ceramic tiles that are manufactured under higher pressure conditions than the ceramic ones. Ceramic tiles are made of natural raw materials and varied combination of clays while porcelain tiles are made from porcelain clays.

Though porcelain and ceramic tiles are one of a kind these have considerable differences as well. Porcelain tiles are denser than ceramic tiles and thus are sturdier than the ceramic ones. When questioned about sturdiness in the race between ceramic vs porcelain tiles, porcelain is a clear winner with the virtues of low water absorption, high strength and stain resistance. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are both widely popular but porcelain ranks higher in housing and décor scenario.

But, all forms of ceramic or porcelain tiles are not convenient for all purposes. Like for indoors one should always prefer porcelain tiles while ceramic would suffice the needs for exterior tiling purposes. A good mix of ceramic and porcelain tiles for different exterior zones would also do. For example, for swimming pool side porcelain is best with higher density and low water absorption. Here one can't expect that any of porcelain or ceramic tile would do.

For flooring purposes in the ceramic versus porcelain floor tiles realm, porcelain is preferred for the glossy texture it offers. Wide variety of ceramic or porcelain floor tiles are available in the tiling market. Depending on the space the choice for porcelain or ceramic tiles can be made. It's always tough to judge between porcelain versus ceramic tiles but the one that suits the space is the optimum one.

Cost difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles varies with colored or polished varieties. Ceramic is cheaper than porcelain but as quality is considered porcelain wins in porcelain vs. ceramic tile match. Porcelain tiles vs. ceramic tiles are a hot topic of discussion for designers and home owners. So, give always make wise decisions after considerable thought.

We are manufacturer and suppliers of ceramic tiles in UK, USA and India at affordable cost price, having grey, wood, white, black, blue, red and wide coloured range of wall tiles, floor tiles for bathroom tile and kitchen tile like travertine tiles, brick tiles, mosaic tiles, marble tiles, stone tiles, glass tiles.

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