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Porcelain Tiles

We are manufacturer and suppliers of decorative porcelain tiles in UK, USA, Italy, Spain, China and India at affordable cost price, having grey, wood, white, blue, red, cream, ivory, pink, morfil, black and full color wall tiles, floor tiles range for bathroom tile and kitchen tile.

What are porcelain tiles? We have often heard the discussions over the hot topic of ceramic tile vs. porcelain tiles. Well porcelain tiles are one form of ceramic tiles that are manufactured under high pressure conditions.

As the porcelain tiles are prepared with advanced technology, these sports the virtues of being sturdy, non porous, water resistant and highly durable. As these are water resistant so are mainly availed for walls and floors and are a hot favorite in housing arena. Porcelain wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles complete that beautiful ambience of the house by sporting good looking designs of tiles in diverse colors.

Porcelain tile manufacturers categorize these into porcelain ceramic tiles, polished porcelain tiles, glazed porcelain tiles, porcelain mosaic tiles, textured porcelain tiles and many more to enlist. Designer porcelain tiles are one form of ceramic tiles only with a difference in its characteristics. Glazed porcelain tiles are prepared by adding glaze in the mixture of clays at the time of manufacture. Mosaic tiles are created by generating mosaic and then adding layer of glaze over it. Textured porcelain tiles with lustrous body and awe inspiring designs fabricate a spectacular visage.

Porcelain tile market is becoming ever popular in countries of India, UK, USA, China and Italy. The Italian porcelain tiles, Chinese porcelain tiles, Spanish porcelain tiles and Porcelain tile UK are great grocers in the designer tiling arena and rank high on popularity charts. Porcelain tile sales of these tiles always show a rising curve depicting its popularity on records. These decorative tiles are best used to embellish wall and floors of bathrooms and kitchen with beautiful designs of this finest form of ceramic tiles.

Porcelain bathroom tiles and kitchen porcelain tiles are a hot favorite among home owners. And Italian porcelain tile, porcelain tile UK, porcelain tiles Spain are again ruling the domestic as well as commercial realm of porcelain tile. For flooring Italian porcelain floor tiles manifests the finest form of flooring with the aid of colored porcelain tiles like black, white, pink, blue, ivory, green, cream, marfil, red, grey, morfil with fine polish over it.

Available in three basic sizes, and categorized as large, medium and small sized the porcelain tiles that offer wide range to choose from. The sizes vary from 600 x 600 porcelain tiles, porcelain tiles 60 x 60 mm and porcelain tile 600 mm. Porcelain tile 60 being the smallest of all is often used for mosaic and porcelain tile 600 for bathroom and kitchen walls. Large porcelain tiles are preferred as it gives a novel look to the floor and generates atypical and decorative visage.

Availed for both interior and exterior purpose, porcelain tiles offer versatility. Outdoor porcelain tiles are often used for gardens, porch and exterior region and sports amazing durability. As far as the pricing is concerned porcelain tiles are available in many ranges from expensive to affordable ones. And, cheap porcelain tiles are the best availed options of all as it meets the requisites and also fit the budget.

Thus, porcelain tiles being a complete all rounder is reining the tiling coliseum. With manifold forms and designs and multifaceted virtues, it proves its competence. Currently being the cream of the tiling business porcelain tiles definitely sports the tiling crown with style!

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