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Vitrified Tiles

What are vitrified tiles? what is vitrified tile? The general definition of vitrified tiles would be a tile made through vitrification process.

Vitrified tiles are made by mixing silica and clay to form a non porous tile with glassy texture. The main categories of Vitrified tiles would be Vitrified porcelain tiles, Vitrified ceramic tiles, marbonite vitrified tiles and marble vitrified tiles.

But there is always a strong debate over vitrified tiles vs. ceramic tiles. Basic difference is that vitrified tiles are actually one kind of ceramic tile. But these are made after vitrification process and go through high level of refining generating glass kind of effect while ceramic tiles are made out of natural biodegradable and recyclable materials.

Vitrified tiles occupy a good market share in countries like India, UK and USA. And in India the prime locations where these tiles are a sure shot hit are Delhi, Kerala, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gujarat and Mumbai. Vitrified tiles manufacturers assure that these tiles are completely non porous and hence long lasting. Justifying the main purpose of vitrified tile flooring with finest Vinyl tiles designs and prices, the Vitrified tile manufacturer also gives high opinion on durability of these tiles.

The market of Vitrified tiles in India is growing by leaps and bounds and cities like Delhi, Kerala, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai are a hot favorite in the tiling arena. While on global scale that is in countries like UK and USA, Spanish vitrified tiles rank high over any other breed of tiles. Taking a review of vitrified tiles in India, we find that here the cost of vitrified tiles is affordable and are popularly used as vitrified floor tiles.

The vitrified tiles cost for fully vitrified tiles flooring is a little higher compared to the ceramic tiles and so in many parts ceramic tiles are preferred over it. But with the metro lifestyle these are definitely going to rule flooring coliseum in the near future.

Vitrified Tiles Manufacturers & Suppliers

We are manufacturer and suppliers of vitrified tiles in UK, USA, Italy, Spain, China and India at affordable cost price, having grey, wood, white, black, blue, red, cream, ivory, pink, morfil & wide coloured range of wall tiles, floor tiles for bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles.

Please feel free to contact us to get more information about cost prices of fully vitrified tiles design in India, UK, USA, Spain, ceramic vitrified tile flooring, marbonite & marble vitrified tiles